— Artist Statement —

Photography for me is all about the moment, as is life itself. And I’ve always been fascinated by what the camera captures as opposed to what the eye sees. Much of my artistic inspiration comes from the simplicity of nature and the symmetry between shadows and light. It is this balance that creates the mood and depth of an image.

I’ve had an interest in photography since about the age of ten. My father had established a local newspaper in New Jersey and was also one of the photographers. And when he gave me my first camera, he would encourage me to take photographs for the weekly editions. I began to look at the world in a different way.

After attending New England School of Photography in Boston, I decided to spend some time traveling throughout Europe. The six months I spent there would prove to be a pivotal time in my artistic career, particularly during my visit to Venice where I discovered the beauty and solitude of night photography. It was there, in the late hours of the night, camera and tripod in hand, that I had that floating city all to myself. I continue my search for nocturnal landscapes to this day . . . or night.

Having resided on Cape Ann since 1980, I’ve had the pleasure of exhibiting my photographs in numerous venues over the years. And having worked exclusively with traditional film photography for such a long time, I’ve started developing my skills with the new technology and have made the transition from darkroom to digital.